Yo creo que muchas de las Humanizaciones que le hacen a Ratchet (TFP) salen del “Medic ” de TF”






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(Transformers Prime, Season 2, Episode 4 - Operation Bumblebee)



- Hi, whatcha thinkin bout?
- Uh, nothing special.

me too!!!


- Hi, whatcha thinkin bout?

- Uh, nothing special.

me too!!!


here is this tfp comic that was posted months ago




1. Bulkhead, Arcee and Bumblebee was fighting Rock Unicron alongside Optimus Prime (and he was a GIANT ONE)

2. A lot of discussion between the Bots on how they are gonna get out of this.

3. At a Critical Juncture when Optimus Prime and the Autobots were Overpowered by the Rock Unicron, three purple shots were fired resulting in the temporal remedy for the dreadful situations for the Bots - Megatron to the rescue.

4. Megatron SAVED Optimus Prime to the disbelief of the Autobots who radioed base and Ratchet & the Humans were quibbling about if that’s true and followed by a dramatic scene of Megatron lending a hand to help Optimus Prime get up.

5. There were heavy discussion on HOW Megatron and the Autobots should team up and destroy Unicron - with main objections voiced by Arcee and Ratchet (from base)

6. Megatron revealed that he needs Optimus Prime, who is a Prime to destroy Unicron - leading to Arcee stating that obviously the Bots didn’t need Megatron - but was met with strong point from Megs that without HIM, they won’t know where to find Unicron.

7. Conversation lead to a plot that is similar to the end of Justice League Unlimited where Darkseid attacked Earth with the Villians teaming up with the Heroes but this time, only ONE Villian that team up and promised that he will destroy Unicron with Optimus Prime seconding that he understands that Megatron WANTS to be a True Ruler, he’ll truly get rid of Unicron who was the only real power that is in his way - Megatron commented that Optimus Prime truly knows him well.

8. Topic of discussion came to the fact that Ratchet refused to open a Ground Bridge to Earth’s Core (forgotten the details) and even more so to have Megatron to know where the Autobot base is as he’ll need to be BRIDGED back to Base before he can be bridge to the Coordinates of where Unicron’s Core is.

9. More Unicron Rock Giants appeared, and Megatron offered to should his sincerity by “delaying” the Giants while letting to Autobots head back to base to discuss.

10. More arguments back at base, this time with the Humans, and as usual Jack asked some simple questions that shows that he never put in effort in his school-work. LOL

11. The Matrix of Leadership was finally mentioned and as in Original Transformers Movie, it is said that it is the only thing that can DEFEAT Unicron - at least put him back to his stasis.

12. The Matrix was revealed to be inside Optimus Prime all along (that explains the Optimus Prime with Matrix of Leadership toy) and that it (like in G1) is the collective wisdom/spirit of the Allsparks.

13. The children along with Fowler and June was whisked into a hiding spot and told not to be seen while Megatron was given the Clearance to be Bridged to Autobot Base - I tell you it was ONE slow and DRAMATIC Entrance from Megatron - my heart actually skipped two beats.

14. Megatron was chatting with the Autobots - with a hint of sarcasm - when Raf came out of hiding in resentment of Megatron’s action on him two episodes ago. The Rest of them came out and Megatron commented that HE’LL NEVER FORGET A HUMAN FACE - especially Raf and Jack’s … this should be a hint on Jack and Raf’s role in Season Two.

15. The humans were whisked back and Optimus Prime approached Jack and passed him something important - that he thinks only Jack can pull off, not even Ratchet as suggested by Jack - to hold onto the Key to the Ground Bridge’s power source - meaning to say, if Megatron doublec-cross the Autobots at the Earth’s Core, Jack should cut the Power Source to the Ground Bridge and let Megatron stay down there.

16. Megs and the four Bots, less Ratchet bridged to Earth’s Core which is like Unicron in G1, with pumping metallic veins and a giant eye that can see - Megatron commented that Unicron already knows that they (him and the bots) are in Unicron - i quote his words “Make No Mistake” … by the way, he used it at least 3 times this episode.

17. The episode ended with the Giang Eye looking ard as if preparing for something big …. 

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Such heroic nonsense.



Ratchet: You have no idea of what the real surgery is, greenhorn!

Knock Out: Bring it on, walking rust!

Doctors <3


Everything about that episode was AMAZING. Ratchet kicked ASS and I’m so happy this episode was about him. Knockout was fabulous and it was a nice to see Megatron being awesome, too.

Plus, there was CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT! They established why Ratchet was so upset and such and I loved how he went crazy. Also, NO MIKOOOOO!! Yes, so much yes. Thank you Canada. Aaaaw, so much WIN. Ratchet was epic! Ok, gif time.